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Sujata is a Pune based visual artist. Her practice spans painting, mural and installation. Influenced greatly by architecture and the built form, she describes the process of arriving at her abstract imagery as ‘a conversation with her innermost self’. She is a recipient of the Maharashtra State Award in the students’ category in 1981 and a National Award of the All India Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi in 1986. She has been a joint director of the Pune Biennale in recent years. Suju holds a Diploma in Experiential Education and Practice, a new skill she added to her repertoire in 2016.

She has had 26 solo shows and been a part of group shows in India, Dubai and the US and has designed and executed 250 murals in paint, wood, metal, mosaic and glass. 

Sujata, more fondly called ‘Suju’ or ‘Suju Maushi’, has been teaching art for 35 years at the Creative Club.

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