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Ishita Dharap is an artist, designer and art educator working in Chicago.

She holds a Master of Arts in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Having worked with audiences across ages in formal and informal learning environments in India and the United States, Dharap’s combined art and research practice employs reflection, imagination and play, often for the purpose of storytelling.
She started studying art at the Creative Club under a very young age under her grandfather, Bal Wad, and her mother, Sujata Dharap and went on to do her undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary Art and Design at Srishti school of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. 

She is one of three artist collaborators in Aram Han Sifuentes’ Protest Banner Lending Library in Chicago, with whom she started Chicago based Cute Rage Press. She has had a solo show of drawings in Pune, India, and has been part of group shows in Pune, Bangalore and Chicago. She has an interdisciplinary background in art, design and experiential education, with over six years of experience creating and facilitating programs in schools, colleges and museums. She received her graduate degree during a global pandemic.

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