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Bal Wad was the founder of the Creative Club. Though he came from extremely humble beginnings, Bal Wad always had a strong affinity for art. Having to fend for 4 younger siblings completely on his own, he started making and selling small portraits and sculptures on the streets at the age of 16. Wad studied fine art at the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune and travelled to England on scholarship to the Wimbledon School of Art to study pottery. This was when he started dreaming about setting up a small studio and teaching pottery and painting, an idea that would stay safe with him till 1981, when he came to Pune.

After returning from England, Wad taught at the Lawrence School, Sanavar, in Shimla where he was the Art Master for 10 years, and headed the Craft Department of the school. In 1967, he came to Mumbai, where he settled for the next 14 years. He worked as the Art Director at Camlin, a post created for him. He exhibited and sold his work all over the world, traveling to various places and doing shows, but in his heart, his real love for teaching called to him.
Finally, in 1981, Wad retired from Camlin and shifted to Pune to set up his dream studio, Creative Club. Now over 30 years old, the Creative Club lives on as an established institution where thousands of people have come to learn, explore and practice art.

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